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The Garden Master arrives... (backdated to Monday)

Characters: Headmaster Cid, the Garden Master, and you!
Location: Quad
Rating: G
Open/Closed/Finished: Open for reactions
Summary: A ceremony to welcome the Garden Master as the Gardens' new leader - and the Garden Master has some news.

Thick tension filled the quad, thick and brittle, the sort that could easily shatter with disastrous consequences for anyone cut by its sharp edges. The Garden faculty stood facing the assembled crowd in lines that blocked anyone from reaching the entrance, in anticipation of the Garden Master's arrival. Facing the stage, cadets and SeeDs stood several rows deep, some muttering about missing socks. Though the faculty members swiftly dismissed those who they saw carrying weapons, shifting postures and stiff motions hinted at concealed blades, pistols, and gauntlets among the assembled.

A few knowledgeable SeeDs had quietly spread the word about everything they knew about the Garden Master, which wasn't much: according to their story, the Garden Master was a Shumi named NORG, who had attempted to sell the entire Garden project out to Galbadia to protect his investment and his profits. The old Commander and his team of heroes had beaten NORG into a cocoon, which was later transported away by his fellow tribe members. That was two decades and more ago, however... Had NORG survived his wounds? Had he evolved in his cocoon, transforming into a Moomba? Or perhaps his corruption and greed had changed him in another way...

No one knew what to expect, save for two things: Commander Zabala had surrendered power to him during her incapacitation, and Headmaster Cid supported her actions. That latter fact alone was all that kept a second intra-Garden brawl from erupting, and most of the assembled hadn't ruled it out yet.

The Headmaster stepped up onstage. The whispering and murmuring stopped immediately as he looked fixedly at the entrance hall, and all eyes snapped that direction. The moment had come.

...nothing happened.

A low mutter ran over the crowd as people glanced at each other, than at the door. Headmaster Cid looked a bit puzzled, but quickly hid his expression (poorly). In the back, some cadet said, a bit too loud, "The Garden Master is a hot dog, isn't it."

But then a clatter from the entrance hall shut everyone up -- a crash and a bang, and a faintly-heard comment of, "Argh! Stupid gates!"

Slowly, wobbling and dragging one leg behind him, Laguna Loire stumbled into the quad. "It's all right!" he said, pausing to massage the leg. "Just a cramp!"

The resulting chaos took several minutes to quell.

When at last Cid and Laguna finished shaking hands and speaking a few words to each other and the tumult subsided to the point the former President of Esthar could be heard again, Laguna offered a wave to the crowd, a little abashed. "So hi there. I'm President Loire. Or, I was, until the other day... funny how you can lose a position you're not really sure how you got in the first place!" He laughed nervously. "And I'm also the Garden Master, I guess. Turns out if you start secretly funding Garden behind the scenes you get the title. But... those days are over. I'm out in the open now. And in charge till Erlea gets up again... she's gonna be all right, right?"

Cid nodded to him, and Laguna turned back to the assembled crowd, clearing his throat. "I guess the timing works out, because I was trying to stop Esthar anyway from what it's doing. That's why I got deposed, but I would have left anyway if I couldn't stop them. You've all seen how Time Compression is getting worse? Well, that's Esthar's fault. They've been trying to weaponize it."

Even the Headmaster stumbled back at that news, a hand pressed to his chest; it had caught him off-guard the same as everyone else. Laguna continued, raising his voice to speak over the noise, "Since Galbadia and Sol Invictus have both fallen, the Gardens are the only thing left that can stop Esthar. If they keep this up, either they'll break the world or they'll conquer it. And I can't trick Dr. Odine into a space launch, so... "

He cleared his throat. "My first order as Garden Master is to prepare for war."
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There's one person among the faculty ranks that sticks out rather conspicuously. It's hard to tell if his posture is one of military attention or slope-shouldered boredom, but his dark eyes are sharp, even if his sense of smell and Observation Haki tell him more about who is where and the shifting emotions in the room. He listens carefully to all that's said without comment- surprisingly, to any who know him decently well. That is, until the very last, when his voice rings loud and clear over the Quad.

"Well, shit."