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Jul. 16th, 2013 07:36 pm
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Please also use your canon: character tag! We attempt to create tags wherever we see one needed, but if you still need one for your character, please contact us and let us know.
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Characters: Headmaster Cid, the Garden Master, and you!
Location: Quad
Rating: G
Open/Closed/Finished: Open for reactions
Summary: A ceremony to welcome the Garden Master as the Gardens' new leader - and the Garden Master has some news.

the world's greatest Garden Master )
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Characters: Espio the Chameleon, Portgas D. Ace, Marco
Location: Various, beginning with the library.
Rating: PG-13
Open/Closed/Finished: Closed
Summary: Espio and Ace have gone from developing a solid friendship to keeping their distance from one another, all because of an itty bit of badly-received flirting. After all, would someone who is 100% taken really be receptive to that kind of thing? Nope.

At least, not in theory.

this is getting silly )
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Characters: This Family ™ (Marco, Grell, Ace, Thatch, Namur, Espio, Fionna), anyone else that wants to stop by.
Location: The Quad
Rating: PG-13 probably
Open/Closed/Finished: Open
Summary: Ace no Birthday Party~ Come join the fun~

ain't no party like a phoenix party cuz a phoenix pirate party don't sle-- zzzzzz )
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Characters: Sol Invictus. Deling City inhabitants.
Location: Deling City.
Rating: PG
Open/Closed/Finished: Closed.
Summary: Time Compression...

Then so fall... )
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Characters: This Family ™ (Marco, Grell, Ace, Thatch, Namur, Espio, Fionna)
Location: Namur's dorm
Rating: PG-13 for potty mouths
Open/Closed/Finished: Closed
Summary: They haven't had a family meeting in awhile. And also Namur wants to buy a ship.

Here it comes, this rising tide, so come on! )

Movie Time

Dec. 19th, 2013 09:09 pm
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Characters: Kory and Fionna (maybe others?)
Location: Kory's room
Rating: PG
Open/Closed/Finished: Open
Summary: Kory and Fionna watch movies

Girl time! )
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Characters: Selphie Tilmitt
Location: The Cafeteria
Rating: PG?
Open/Closed/Finished: Open!
Summary: Selphie's just woken up, and wow, she is super hungry. And confused.

Time Compression...Eww! )
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Characters: Champloo and Open (with a thread closed to Pinkie Pie)
Location: The Cafeteria (and the Home Ec classroom)
Rating: PG?
Open/Closed/Finshed: Open
Summary: Unsurprisingly, Champloo remembered very keenly the offworld holiday that required cooking an obscenely large feast.

And the best part is, no Christmas music! )
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Characters: Rainbow Dash and Ed Elric
Location: Training Centre
Rating: Probable PG-13 for language and/or violence; other stuff to be edited in.
Open/Closed/Finished: Closed
Summary: What's a lifelong killjoy to do during Homecoming season, apart from bask in the fact that he's not in it this time? Drag somebody down who is, obviously!

rising on a tidal wave )
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Characters: Tarrie and Brun, Galbadian students
Location: The Tomb of the Unknown King
Rating: PG
Open/Closed/Finished: Finished.
Summary: ...time compression...

Whoever came up with the idea of 'Tomb running', Bran thought as he gripped the wheel of the car and tried to look confident, was a total jackass! Maybe it did impress girls (he glanced reflexively over at Tarrie), but only at the risk of his freaking life!

"Vrain got all the way in to a river in there, he says," Tarrie said, completely oblivious to his internal turmoil as she bounced in the seat. "There was a monster, but he gave it the slip!"

Sure, gave it the slip. Frankly, Brun didn't believe Vrain's story for a second -- no one had gone in there with him, after all. The guy probably just ducked into a corner, cowered for half an hour, then came out. Which frankly was a good idea, except Vrain didn't have a freaking bubbly girlfriend who'd probably poke her head in and see him cowering there.

Sometimes, dating a cheerleader wasn't... he glanced down to her legs, repented of his thoughts, then turned back to the drive with grim fatality. If he had to go as deep into the Tomb of the Unknown King as he could to prove his general manliness, then into the Tomb he would go. But he sure wasn't going to like it.

In the distance, over the gentle rolling foothills of the Galbadian fields, a large metal protrusion rose over one of the distant hills. "Hey!" Tarrie said before he could even open his mouth. "What're they building out here? I haven't heard of anything!"

Brun had no idea why he would know, but then again, Tarrie didn't have much of a strong inner monologue, so the question probably didn't need an answer anyway. He considered veering off to see what the strange construction was -- then realized that he didn't have to. The road to the Tomb led straight towards it. "Well that's ominous."

As they crested the hill at last, Brun stopped the car. Not out of any sense of danger, but out of sheer incredulity. The two of them got out to stare.

Steel rails wound in tight curves and loops around the Tomb of the Unknown King, painted in brilliant primary colors. An empty rail surged around the rails at speeds nauseating to watch, rattling up a large hill before plummeting down an absurdly steep hill. A huge banner across the Tomb's front proclaimed this monstrosity to be "STEEL DEATH 3000".

After a very long minute of silence broken only by the hiss of air over the rail car and the clatter of its wheels on the tracks, Tarrie stamped her foot and pouted prettily. "Well, now it isn't very scary at all!"
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Characters: Grell and Marco
Location: Chocobo Ranch
Rating: PG?!
Open/Closed/Finished: Closed
Summary: Instead of burning everything to the ground, she'll take a trip.

Everyone should be thanking her. )
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Characters: Open log
Location: The chocobo forest, newly appeared near Garden
Rating: PG?
Open/Closed/Finished: Open.
Summary: Characters may use this log to explore the chocobo forest!

It takes a village! )
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Characters: Sturme and Ragille, Winhill farmers
Location: Winhill
Rating: PG
Open/Closed/Finished: Finished.
Summary: ...time compression...

As Ragille came over the crest of the broad hill, the words he'd heard in the air resolved into a long, half-muttered, half-snarled chain of profanity that a sailor might applaud. The old farmer sighed, but didn't slow his pace as he trudged down the road towards the gates of the fence that ran parallel to his path.

"...damn!" Sturme spat as Ragille approached, shoving the last of the desks aside. Spotting his older peer, he straightened up and without any appreciable pause for breath, continued, "If I catch them I'll spit-roast them over coals so they can feel their skin split as they cook! Those damn kids, piling desks all over our roads, driving an honest man out of business..."

Ragille tuned out the tirade, only nodding absently here and there to keep the other farmer talking instead of acting, because his actions would surely be irrational and stupid. In the meantime, he bent down to examine the desks Sturme had pushed aside. Same as the ones that'd clogged up the road to his farm, he concluded -- make, model, and no sign of the method that had brought them here. He swiped a thumb over the surface, came away with nothing funny at all about them save some dust kicked up from the road.

"Wasn't kids," he finally said, interrupting Sturme's rant with a grunt as he straightened up. "Probably some company trying to drum up business. Kids don't got the time or the motivation for a stunt like this."

"Sure they do!" Sturme was only arguing for the sake of not being wrong, and they both knew it, but that wouldn't ever stop him. "Now you look at this desk here and tell me what company would even make a damn thing like it! No back support, where do you plug in anything, and it isn't even big enough to read on!"

"I'm just saying," Ragille began, but then a rusted, broken 1950 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 Special interrupted him by slamming into the ground exactly two feet from where he stood. A younger man -- like Sturme -- might have screamed and flung themselves away in sheer pants-wetting terror, but at Ragille's age the reflexes didn't quite fire like they used to. In stunned silence, he stared at the car, while his heart hammered in his chest and his knees trembled beneath him, only the sturdy support of his walking stick keeping him from tumbling to the ground.

When the 1996 Ford Contour slammed down on top of the Cadillac, its jagged edges and battered frame fitting into the crumbled top of the other car like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, then he fell down.

From their cowering positions on the ground, the two men endured what seemed like a lifetime of vehicles falling from the sky. Dozens, if not hundreds, crashing down around them into mighty towers of metal and shattered glass, stack after stack of cars, trucks, vans, and the occasional motorcycle piled like a maze or a city forged of vehicular skyscrapers. Strangely, none of the impacts seemed to cause harm to the already wrecked cars; no metal deformed, no glass shards spattered outwards. They were falling from the sky, but only as a way to return to a pattern that had been present long before they moved.

With a final earth-shaking thud, an electromagnetic crane slammed into place, its long arm stretched out over the cars and the men both. Ragille turned his head to look at Sturme, though neither of them had words; the terror left them shaking and desperate for breath, their muscles unresponsive and adrenaline racing through their bodies.

After a long, long time in which silence reigned and nothing stirred, Ragille finally though he could speak. "Told ya it weren't kids..."
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Characters: Marco & Espio
Rating: PG-13
Open/Closed/Finished: Closed!
Summary: Marco kidnaps Espio for Marco's birthday. What? It's a legit reason.

Now it's getting dark and the sky looks sticky more like black treacle than tar )
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Characters: EVERYONE!!! And any "local" NPCs you want to make up
Location: A warehouse down by the wharf
Rating: G+? idk people will do as they will do
Open/Closed/Finished: Open
Summary: It's an excuse to pump dance music really really loudly, tbh.

And we danced all night to the BEST SONG EVER )


Sep. 9th, 2013 01:48 am
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Characters: Espio the Chameleon, Touma H. Norstein
Location: Infirmary
Rating: PG-ish.
Open/Closed/Finished: Closed
Summary: Espio finally decides that maybe, just maybe he needs a little bit of professional help. Discussions of mental health issues.

He'd have to go to someone trained to deal with this kind of stuff. )
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Characters: Thatch, Namur, Ace, and Espio
Location: Beyond Balamb and anywhere they can sneak into
Rating: PG-13 for cursing and more
Open/Closed/Finished: Closed
Summary: Kidnap Chameleon, stick him in a car, drive him round the countryside and go to all the bars!

for a night on the town )
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Characters: Ace and Namur
Location: Secret area in the training center
Rating: G/PG
Open/Closed/Finished: Closed
Summary: Ace wanted to bring Namur into the fold of his and Thatch's plot.

Bonding takes some effort )
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Characters: Greed. You. (...Ling?)
Location: The Training Center, the Secret Area
Rating: PG
Open/Closed/Finished: Open.
Summary: Greed, having heard the news of Garden's independnce, ponders how he can tun this to his advantage.

Is it a conversation if it's all in your head? )
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Characters: Espio and Ace
Location: Out.
Rating: PG/Pg-13? Might be some cursing.
Open/Closed/Finished: Closed.
Summary: Ace is tired of feeling like crap, and more over he's tired of watching Espio wallow in his own crap. So after learning where his room was through Namur and Thatch, he decided to go kidnap the chameleon and take him out like a good older brother should do.

Is it kidnapping if your target is a Chameleon? )


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